me: *points to my gender* luv being agender
gender policing fuckboy: no! u can't!! u are femme so u r a girl, u r just trying to be different ...omg stop........u aree not REALLY agenderr stop please stop............
me: LUV being agender
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(9.23.14) — Another morning in Amerikkka. Somebody thought it would be fun to desecrate the Mike Brown Memorial early this morning. I… I really can’t even. #staywoke #farfromover


Here’s a picture of some cops watching the memorial burn although there seemed to be no police at the scene when the fire department arrived.

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"everything is a trigger now!"


yes you fuck, everything has always had the potential to be a trigger. do you not understand what a trigger is? things that remind people of their abuse or a traumatic event they went through are triggers. everything, and i mean absolutely everything, has the potential to be a trigger.

someone can be triggered by maple syrup or diet pepsi because their abuser made them pancakes the morning after they mercilessly beat them or because their abuser always drank diet pepsi. 

don’t you dare complain about someone having a trigger you deem “stupid” (nice ableism!) or “weird”, especially especially especially if you do not have ptsd.

if you refuse to tag someones triggers when they ask because you believe that could ever, ever be anyone’s trigger bc it doesn’t seem relevant to any type of traumatic experience you could imagine, then you are literal human garbage and you need to educate yourself and go sit in a garbage can where you belong.

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one more post because lol truscum reblogs r making me mad n this has been said enough but i still wanna blow some steam

it’s really fucking sad when people in the trans and queer community have to fucking police what other people identify as like……….. jfc

i’m feeling really fucking comfortable with my gender n sexuality rn and i’ve learned so much about myself and it’s fucking sweet but WOW!! guess what!!!

i wouldn’t have thought it would be an option for me if i didnt learn more about it from other people so!! Yeah!!! it was kind of a choice for me and the fact that so many people are blaming other trans n queer folks for cishets not taking them seriously is the most useless thing in the fucking world and i can not emphasis how fucking sad that is!!!!!

being trans or queer isn’t always a choice,(people seemed to have skimmed RIGHT over that in my post even though it wasn’t even that long of a damn post ) but for some people it is and you still need to respect that

if you disagree than u can fuck right off because i’m hella trans and gay n u can’t stop me. i am too strong to be stopped 

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ironically, enforcing the idea that Youre Only Gay And Trans If You Cant Stop Thinking About It only further reinforces the idea that being cishet IS the default, IS the norm, that if you dont feel REALLY REALLY OVERWHELMINGLY not cishet you cant be queer or trans and its like, that way of thinking, that “exclusive club” mentality aint helpin nobody

society is VERY GOOD at making you feel like you arent queer or trans because a) it doesnt tell you about these identities in depth in the first place and b) it encourages you NOT to be gay or trans at all costs, so its no wonder so many people either bury any queer/trans feelings they might have (like I did) or just not even…realize these things about themselves because theres nothing for them to identify with since we are taught from pre-birth to be straight and cis

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