ok hopefully this photoset doesn’t look like shit. ANYWAY

 i’m planning on making a bunch of pokemon dakimakura images to sell because???? idk it seemed like a cute and fun idea and if people actually wanna buy em i’ll be posting them on gumroad! Both are of course 2953x8858px

For just $10 these 2 images can be yours to make your own goodra dakimakura via a site that can make one for you or somethin’. You are not allowed to distribute or make edits to it in anyway obviously.

You can buy it here!!!

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                                                                You Will Shine

                                    you can purchase this on a shirt or as a print!

                                                  support the artist on patreon!

                                          Do not edit or repost!

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people who actually get angry or annoyed at ‘tumblr art styles’ is so laughable and pathetic to me lmfao god forbid people enjoy something and want to implement that kind of look into their own art.

all you sound like is some boring old geezer getting mad at all the young people for liking things that are new and a lot more interesting than you

1171 # 4 days ago

A whoooole bunch of icon commissions!! About 90% of them are from weasyl and the rest are from tumblr.

There’s more but I’ll just upload these ones for now.

Do not use any of these unless the icon belongs to you!

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there’s some 6 selfie thing going around i think so it’s the perfect excuse to show my face i guess??

sorry i’m not at all photogenic, my selfie game is Weak and my webcam is crud but at least you can put a face to my blog now huh

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A lot of folks in the past requested I put my designs on redbubble and I’m really sorry I took so long!! I’m currently uploading all my stuff there right now! You can buy my designs on shirts and as stickers!




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